CMP Initiative



After attending a CMP meeting at KV Jamnagar on 4th August 2012 the following points have been discussed in the School.

1.    Discussion on making Worksheet that should be based on the level of the students, separate for slow learners and bright students.

2.    Worksheet content should be taken from other resource books.

3.    Requisition of required TLM should be given in the end of the month for the next month.

4.    Class observation.

5.    Community lunch has been already conducted in the month of April 2012

6.    About Teachers diary and lesson plan

7.    Sport events for primary classes

8.    About class library

9.    Power point presentation

10.  Roll of the music teacher in the school

11.  Roll of the Art teacher in the school


Above mentioned all the points has been discussed in the meeting and the implementation is also going onů..