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About Diu - India ...

A beautiful blend of sea, sand and sun, Diu is a God's gift to those in quest of a blessed land where the weary weight of this unintelligible world can, for a while, be lightened and the waking soul can hear the music of the nature. This tiny island of breeze, beauty and serenity situated off the southern tip of the Saurashtra (Kathiawad) peninsula of Gujarat, lapped by the Arabian Sea, is a picture of calmness with superb beaches and a fascinating history.

Diu was ruled by many well-known kings and dynasties during the prehistoric, ancient and medieval times. It was a Portuguese colony until 1961. It is now a Union Territory, separated from Goa in 1987.It was an important trading post and naval base from where the rulers controlled the shipping routes in the northern part of the Arabian Sea between the 14-16th centuries.


Water Sports, Diu - India ...

The water sports facilities are available at Nagoa and Ghoghla Beach. There are various sorts of water sports facilities available such as Parasailing, Water Scooter Riding, Boat Sailing etc.

In addition to this there is availability of Evening Boat Cruise at Diu Bunder. This facility is managed by Diu administration. The Evening Cruise ride starts from 7:30 P.M to 8:30 P.M with Music, Masti and light refreshments.


St. Paul's Church

St. Paul's church is dedicated to our Lady of Immaculate Conception. The construction of the church was started in 1601 and was completed in the year 1610. The main facade of the church is perhaps the most elaborate of all Portuguese churches in India. The facade has been illuminated by flood lights.

The church adorned with curiously treated volutes and shell - like motifs and the magnificent wood carving is considered to be the most elaborate of all the Portugese churches in India. St. Paul Church, built in 1691 is consecrated to our Lady of Immaculate Conception. In architectural style it resembles Bom Jesus Church at Goa. The dominant features are, no doubt, Gothic. The wood - panelling of the church is rated one of the best in church craftmanship

Hoka Trees at Nagoa, Diu - India ...

Diu has plenty Branching Palm tree called "Hokka" (Hyphaene Indica) which are found nowhere else in the country.. Only one Indian species of African genus. Brought by Portuguese. Diu, the only place in India to have luxuriant growth of these trees. Fruit is cute & edible, believed to have medicinal properties.


INS Khukri Memorial

Indian Naval ship Khukri was a frigate of the Indian Navy. During the India Pakistan War in 1971 she fell prey to three torpedoes fired at her by a Pakistani Submarine She sank 40 nautical miles off the coast of Diu taking down with her a crew of l8 Officers and 176 sailors. Captain Mahendra Nath Mulla Mahavir Chakra (Post humous) of the Indian Navy, the then Commanding Officer of the ship, chose to go down with the warship. The heroic act of Captain Mulla and his valiant crew is a shining example of unyielding spirit and indomitable courage glorifying the heist traditions of the Indian Navy. There is an amphitheatre just adjoining the memorial.

It was inaugurated on 15th December, 1999 in memory of the officers and the sailors who chose to go down with the warship INS KHUKRI when it was hit by a salve of three torpedoes fired from PNS Hangor, a Pakistani Submarine on 9/12/1971 during the INDO-PAK war.

Fortim-do-Mar (Pani Kotha), Diu - India ...

The Fortress of Panikotha is a magnificent stone structure in the sea, built right at the mouth of the creek. Approximately one nautical mile from the Diu jetty, it also has a light house and a small chaple dedicated to Our Lady of the Sea. Located in the middle of the sea, the fortress creates a beautiful view whether seen from the jetty, from the Fort, from the Village of Ghoghla or from Diu proper. Special light effects at night give it a mesmerizing beauty. To reach Panikotha, tourists boats are available.

Legend has it that this ship shape structure was one connected with land by an under sea tunnel. You can see this monument in famous bollywood movie "QAYAMAT".


Diu Fort

Among the places of tourist interest, the Fort of Diu occupies a prominent position. It is an expansive and imposing structure, situated on the coast of the island. The fort commands a magnificent view of sea. It was constructed between 1535 and 1541 AD.

The fort is skirted by the Sea on the three sides. On the fort stands a giant Light House. Several canons still stare menacingly from top. The main front wall is having five huge windows with stone galleries. The Fort has been creatively lit, which creates a breath taking views at night.

Rugged yet gentle, fierce yet loving. The majestic structure stands on the coast of DIU as a sentinel. Once inside, you are overwhelmed by the gaunt majesty of the ancient stone work which transports you to a bygone era of gallant soldiers where time stands still.

Gangeshwar Temple, Diu - India ...

This is situated 3 Km away from Diu in Fudam village. Five shivlings, are located in the midst of the rocks on the seashore, washed by the tidal waves of the sea. It is believed that the 5 Pandavas during their exile worshipped Lord Shiva in this temple.

The gentle sea waves offering their obeisance to the "Shiva Lingas" in stone have a mystic aura around them in the cave temple of Gangeshwar where the Lord makes his presence felt.

Nagoa Beach

It is located near the Nagoa hamlet of the village of Bucharwada. The Beach is exceptionally beautiful and quiet. In this horse - shoe shaped beach, various water sports facilities are available. It is completely safe for swimming. Plenty of Hoka trees whisper and sway in the intoxicating sea breeze all day long. The virginity of the beach and serenity of the surroundings give the visitor peace and pleasure beyond expression.

A perfect semi circle beach where the gentle lapping waves beckon you to wade into them for a fun filled time of swimming, gamboling or just lolling around the soft sand shores or to find you napping under the palm trees filled with the soothing breeze.

Sea Shell Museum - Nagoa, Diu - India ...

First museum in Asia which has maximum sea shells.

First museum in World where sea shells are displayed in magnifyng glass of various sizes.

The collection of about 2500 to 3000 sea shells in museum.

Place: Near Nagoa Beach, Near Airport East, Diu